Is Your Indiana Driver’s License Suspended?

SuspendedIn the State of Indiana, driving is a privilege, not a right. Just as the state has the right to grant these privileges to us, they also have the right to take them away if the proper laws and procedures are not followed. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles does not hesitate to suspend your driving privileges if you violate their guidelines. In the event that your Indiana driver’s license has been suspended, we can help!

Reasons for Suspended Driver’s Licenses

There are quite a few reasons that the BMV might suspend your driver’s license. Some of the most Common Violations that result in suspension include:

  • Failure To Appear/Pay
  • Failure To Meet Insurance Requirements
  • Becoming a Habitual Traffic Violator
  • Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated
  • Previously Uninsured Motorists Registry (PUMR)
  • Failure to Complete a Driver Safety Program

Of all of the reasons, the most common, and the reason that probably brought you here, is failing to complete a driver safety program. The BMV or court may require you complete one of these defensive driving courses in the event that you receive two or more traffic convictions within a 12-month period. Additionally, drivers who acquire 18 or more Points on their Indiana driving record in a 2-year period may also be given this requirement. In both instances, drivers usually have 90 days to complete this condition, or they risk the suspension of their Indiana driver’s license.

Disadvantages of Having a Suspended Driver’s License

Disadvantages of Having a Suspended Driver's LicenseHaving your Indiana driver’s license suspended is no fun. Without a legal right to drive, getting around can be quite tough. Most of us depend on a source of transportation to help us fulfill our daily obligations. With a suspended driver’s license you’ll face many disadvantages, including:

  • It is illegal to driver without a valid Indiana driver’s license
  • You have to bother friends and family for rides
  • You car sits, unused, which can damage it
  • Public transportation is no fun
  • It is no longer easy to get from place to place
  • You have to depend on others
  • You lose a large piece of your independence
  • Employers prefer those who drive themselves
  • Reinstating your license involves fees

What makes matters even worse is that to reinstate your license, if it was suspended for failing to complete a driver safety program, you’ll still have to do it! Only now it will cost you much more due to reinstatement fees.

How to Reinstate Your Indiana Driver’s License

If you were ordered to complete a driver safety program due to excessive citations or Points on your Indiana driving record, and you failed to do so in time, the BMV may have punished you with a suspended driver’s license. In order to Reinstate your driving privileges, you’ll still have to complete the course. You’ll also be required to pay reinstatement fees. For a full list of all of the steps you are required to complete, you’ll have to view your Indiana Driving Record. Once you have completed all of the steps, you’ll have your driving privileges returned to you.

Get Your License Back!

Get your license backIf you are ready to start the process of getting your Indiana driver’s license back, you can start by Signing Up for our Indiana Defensive Driving Video course. Not only will taking this course met your driver safety program requirement, but you will also learn to become a better, safer driver. Make sure to always drive defensively and you’ll avoid tickets and points on your Indiana driving record and protect your driving privileges.

If you are unsure about the steps you need to complete or have any questions about our program, please give us a Call at anytime. We are standing by to help you get your Indiana driver’s license back!


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